Two drumming tails


Other important persons in the family:


Daddy Janne - Annelies daddy who has had Zebbe as a weekend-dog since he was just a pup. Daddy Janne loves dogs - so we share :) He's little too generous with dog candy, but the dogs doesn't mind :)



Mother Food & Jerry - Annelies mum, who always has food on the way when we arrive at her house. The first thing the dog does is to check the stove. And her partner Jerry. They are living in Hässleholm now.

Mum & Jerry


Crille -Annelies baby brother, and Zebbes playmate since he was a puppy. Ozzy has joined them now a days. But Crille and Zeb has a special bond



Joakim & the children - Marcus brother and his kids. The dogs love them, especially when the children make them do tricks. Jocke is the funny uncle who always sneezes (allergic) and who talks very loud.

Marcus, Robin, Jocke & Tobias


Roy & Ulla-Britt - Marcus parents who unfortunately cant meet the dogs so often because of allergy. But when it happens the dogs love it. And they often send gifts to the dogs.

Ulla-Britt & Roy









This is me (Annelie), the one who is crazy about dogs:)

I'm 30 +. Lives in Växjö (Sweden) with my husband Marcus, Zeb & Ozzy. We live in a 3-room apartment with the forrest and the city at near distance ;)





The whole family together :)





This is the master (Marcus) in the family. He became with dog when we moved in together. Zebbe was then a little puppy and has been raised by him. Ozzy did we get together.




Me and the guys in the sunny weather!


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